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What’s new on the free market of electrical energy in Bulgaria

With the changes in the Law in Energy from the 5th of July all companies on middle voltage will be out on the free market and will be able to negotiate the price of the electricity they produce with the licensed re-sellers of electrical energy. This change […]


Wind generator parks are being built near Pernik, Bulgaria and at the foot of Vitosha mountain near Sofia

At the foot of Vitosha mountain and on the hills of Golo Bardo near Pernik the „Orisol 1“ and „Orisol 2“ wind parks will be built. The decision from the responsible agency in the ecological ministry just got legislated. „Orisol 1“ includes 21 wind generators with a […]


We’re back online

After a short downtime, due to an attack from a malicious user of the web, we are back online. We even added an improved interface for mobile devices in the meantime 🙂


Scotland approves the installation of the largest wave power station in the world.

The Scottish ministers have approved the installation of the largest in the world wave power station near the northwest coast of Lewis in Scotland. After it is finished the 40 MW power station will have the capacity to power up nearly 30,000 homes. The wave energy company […]


Germany: Brussels is mistaken about Chinese solar panels

Brussels is making a „big mistake“ about the customs taxes for the import of solar panels, manufactured in China, says the German financial minister Phillip Rhossler. „Germany has always clearly stated, that the German government prefers a dialogue in stead of a confrontation“, says he for the […]


The wind energy manufactured in Sweden from wind generators reached the level of nuclear power production

In Sweden the volume of electric power, manufactured from wind generators exceeded the quantity of energy, which can be produced by an average nuclear power station. In this country the manufacturing of wind energy for 2011 grew with 74%. The wind energy supplies 4,4 % of all […]