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Germany: Brussels is mistaken about Chinese solar panels

Brussels is making a „big mistake“ about the customs taxes for the import of solar panels, manufactured in China, says the German financial minister Phillip Rhossler.

„Germany has always clearly stated, that the German government prefers a dialogue in stead of a confrontation“, says he for the German television channel ARD. The goal must be „by all means to prevent a trade war“, he adds. During the meeting in May in Berlin between the Chinese prime minister Lee Kutsyan and the German chancellor, Angela Merckel stated, that she wants to do anything necessary „to find a solution to the discussion“.

„The opposition of the customs taxes had two years to find a solution to the problem“, responded the deputy chairman of the parliament party of the social-democrats Ulrich Kellber.

Earlier today the European Commission declared the acceptance of temporary anti-dumping customs taxes over the import of solar panels for photovoltaic power stations manufactured in China. From Thursday on 11.8% will be the tax for these goods in the 27 member countries.

If no understanding is found with China, the customs taxes will rise up to 47,6% in the next two months. And if no compromise is found at that point between Brussels and Beijing, from December this years these taxes will become permanent for five years.

Source: news.expert.bg