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What’s new on the free market of electrical energy in Bulgaria

With the changes in the Law in Energy from the 5th of July all companies on middle voltage will be out on the free market and will be able to negotiate the price of the electricity they produce with the licensed re-sellers of electrical energy. This change is part of the steps towards liberalization of the energy market in Bulgaria.

That will bring a reduction of the circle of „protected“ users, whose electricity price is regulated by the Government Committee of Energy and Water Regulation (GCEWR). At this point some „protected“ users remain – all households, as well as the companies, joined at low voltage, for whom the GCEWR will keep regulating the prices. The rest of the consumers must go out on the free market.

According to the data, published on the GCEWR website the mixed price at the moment is 79,18 lev per MWh. This is the price at which the National Electrical Company (NEC) sells to the transferring companies, as well as to the end suppliers. To this price several fees are added: for delivery and access, as well as for the different services, which the companies offer to their clients.

In the meantime at the end of February the Nuclear Power Station „Kozloduy“ resigned from the negotiations for selling electricity, due to the very low price offers.

This means that during the negotiation phase there won’t be an even start for manufacturers and users and the manufacturers will be able to decline delivery. Representatives of the industrial companies in Bulgaria have already expressed their concerns that this will bring a rise in the price, at which they are buying electricity.

According to other professionals this will bring a rise to the prices whatsoever. It will take some time before a reduction is to be seen. Despite this negative effect the expert sees a positive side of this change – an improved culture of the users, which will improve the balance in the energy system.

Source: investor.bg