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Wind generator parks are being built near Pernik, Bulgaria and at the foot of Vitosha mountain near Sofia

Wind parks near Pernik and Vitosha mountain

At the foot of Vitosha mountain and on the hills of Golo Bardo near Pernik the „Orisol 1“ and „Orisol 2“ wind parks will be built. The decision from the responsible agency in the ecological ministry just got legislated.
„Orisol 1“ includes 21 wind generators with a total output of 63 MW, which are located near the villages Dolna Dikanya, Bosnek and Krapets. 15 of the wind generators will be placed near Radomir Municipality and 6 at the foot of Vitosha mountain.

The turbines, which will be used for utilizing the wind energy, are 3-blade with a length of 54,65 meters, mounted on 94 meter towers. The risk of collision with birds is assessed as minimal.

In „Orisol 2“ 18 wind generators with a total output of 54 MW will be mounted near Pernik, Batanovtsi and Radomir.

The Radomir Municipality has declined however the construction of the third wind generator park „Orisol 3“, which was proposed to be located in the Konyavo mountain. The investor offered the installation of 12 generators along the mountain. Some locals have objected with a signed petition, but conversations about other possible locations are still underway.

Source: expert.bg